Clear Your Clogged Plumbing Lines

Clear Your Clogged Plumbing Lines

Schedule drain cleaning services in Lawton, OK

Regular drain cleaning is essential if you want to maintain your pipes and prevent unexpected backups. H2O Pro Solutions offers drain cleaning services in Lawton, OK. We provide hydrojetting service, which is a drain cleaning technique that clears blockages with high-pressurized water. It can quickly and effectively clear out grease, debris and roots that block the flow of water in your pipes.

We can also preform camera inspections to find the source of blockage. For residential and commercial drain cleaning service, get in touch with H2O Pro Solutions today.

3 ways to prevent drain clogs

There are steps you can take to maintain your drains. Here are a few ways you can prevent drain clogs:

  1. Never pour grease down your sink: Pour it into a coffee can and throw it into the trash.
  2. Install a mesh screen in your drain: It catches hair before it's able to cause a clog.
  3. Don't overload the garbage disposal: Toss food in the trash rather than grinding in up in the disposal.

If you do have a clog, you can get in touch with us for 24-hour emergency drain cleaning service. Call H2O Pro Solutions to schedule drain cleaning services in Lawton, OK.